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Carpet Cleaning In St James, WA

t was a very busy day where we had back to back carpet cleaning jobs scheduled. Our team of carpet cleaners were ready to get the job done and were fortunate enough that all the jobs were in suburbs close-by, which helped them a lot as they did not have to spend a lot of time travelling.

This particular carpet cleaning job was for a student who was moving out of the room and wanted to get only her room cleaned. We were more than happy to get the carpet cleaning job done.

When we assessed the carpets, we found that there were few stains on the carpets which were removable. There was a lot of foot traffic on the carpet as it had not been cleaned for a while and we were able to get them off with our carpet spotting chemicals.


We started off the job by vacuuming the carpet properly. This helps to remove most dirt on top and inside the carpet. Once the carpet was properly vacuumed, we assessed the stains and sprayed the proper spot chemicals for each stain and agitated the spots with a agitating brush to get the chemical right into the spots which helped us to remove them quite easily. We did not have any trouble removing any stains on the carpet.

Once the spots were taken care of, we pre-sprayed the carpet with our pre-spraying chemical which gave a lovely smell to the carpets. We let the chemical work its magic and after a few minutes, we steam-extracted the carpets to get them looking like new.


Contact Us today for all your carpet cleaning needs in Perth as we are experienced in taking great care of the carpets. We work with clients for both commercial carpet cleaning & residential carpet cleaning and are able to help you with all sizes of carpets


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