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Commercial Cleaning Cannington

It was another wonderful Friday morning when we were called in for an urgent Commercial Cleaning job in Cannington. The client wanted a thorough detailed cleaning of their restaurant as their was a major dust build up in the restaurant. It was mainly due to the fact that the store was renovated very recently and as it is located near an outdoor area which makes the area prone to a lot of dust.

We were unaware of the specific requirements of the job before heading into do the cleaning as I did not have a prior meeting with the client as she wanted the cleaning done as soon as possible on the very next available day.

From the chat with the client, I gathered that there were a lot of high areas which needed to be cleaned and got all our extension poles, ladders, industrial degreasers, dusters, wiping clothes, etc as we were ready for all the cleaning tasks that would be required. And as it was our first cleaning, we were ready to provide a great first impression like we always try to do.

We had a team of 4 cleaners go into the restaurant, even though it was quite a small area. However, there were a lot of commercial cleaning tasks required as it was the initial clean. From high area dusting, degreasing on top ovens, floor scrubbing, glass cleaning, wiping down surfaces, we strategised the cleaning and divided & conquered the cleaning tasks.

We had two cleaners on top of ladders carrying out the high area dusting as there was a large build up of dust in the higher areas. We had the other two cleaners wiping down all surfaces including the table tops, chairs, benchtops, etc.

Wiped Surfaces

Overall, the job took longer than we anticipated mainly as it was the initial cleaning and we took a while finding out the tasks required from the checklist the client emailed us. It was a successful commercial cleaning job on our initial cleaning as the client was very pleased with the cleaning we carried out.

Cleaned walls

We were quite delighted that the client requested a regular commercial cleaning after our initial cleaning. To date, we carry out the regular commercial cleaning for her and continue to provide a fantastic cleaning service that they richly deserve.

Floors Scrubbed & Mopped

If you do require a commercial cleaning service in Cannington, please do not hesitate to drop us an enquiry and we will be more than happy to help you out with the commercial cleaning requirements.


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