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Commercial Cleaning in Applecross

We recently took up a new contract in Applecross as the previous cleaning company had failed to provide a quality commercial cleaning service to this client. She was frustrated with the level of their commercial cleaning and requested that we come in for a cleaning. I was more than happy to provide a free trial for her as she wanted to check our commercial cleaning service before committing to our cleaning company. Requesting a trial was understandable, given the experience she had with the previous commercial cleaning company.

As a business owner, we believe in providing value upfront, which has been one of the main reason that we are growing at such a rapid pace. Trust is hard to gain especially from a potential client that has no clue about your company and it is important to make sure that we minimise any trust issues by providing value upfront. The best approach in our opinion is to provide a free trial where the potential client can try us out before they commit to a long term relationship which helps to start the relationship on a positive note.

When we went in for the inspection before carrying out the initial clean, we understood that the floors needed a thorough cleaning as it was not well maintained by the previous commercial cleaning company. This was unacceptable given that the cleaning was carried out 6 days a week, which meant that the floors should have been in a better state. We also noticed that the toilets were not thoroughly cleaned and the ceiling vents did have a lot of dust build up which meant that the company did not clean them at all. The small cleaning tasks make a huge difference and it is very important that they are taken care of on a regular basis as customers notice these small issues and they become bigger problems when they are not taken care of initially.

As we understood the importance of getting the floors back to the best state possible, we sent in the cleaners armed with commercial floor scrubbers & industrial degreaser which helped them to do a very thorough cleaning which the floors desperately needed.

Floor Scrubber Waste Water From The Job

At the end of the day, the client was very happy with the commercial cleaning we carried out as they saw a huge difference in the colour of the floors. They could not believe their eyes once they saw how clean the floors were and really understood the minimal effort the previous commercial cleaning company had carried out.

Upon completion of the initial clean, the client was more than happy to hand over the regular commercial cleaning service to us as she understood that we would take great of their restaurant. This initial clean was essential in starting the commercial cleaning contract on a positive note.

If you do require a regular commercial cleaning service, please do not hesitate to drop us an enquiry and request a free quote.


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