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Commercial Cleaning Osborne Park

We work with many different commercial companies in Osborne Park area which makes it very easy for us to deploy a team of commercial cleaners at short notice. We were called in for a commercial cleaning service in Osborne Park to carry out a detailed cleaning, post fit out.

It was a commercial cleaning job which we enjoyed quite a lot mainly as it was a very straight-forward and easy commercial cleaning job which was unusual for us. Most of our commercial cleaning services require a lot of work and this was a cleaning service where we were done and dusted in less than 3 hours. Most post fit out commercial cleaning jobs would take a minimum of 6 hours of commercial cleaning, as they are quite labour intensive but this was done in record time for us and was one of the quickest.

Cleaned Windows
Wiped Down Surfaces

We had a team of 3 commercial cleaners on the job. One cleaner was put to remove stickers & paint marks from the frames of windows, while the other cleaner was given the task of cleaning the windows. The windows had a lot of dust on them as it was new fit out. The other cleaner was put to clean the higher areas throughout the store to remove all dust particles. The main issue with a new fit out clean is the dust build up after a fit out and it is vital that all surfaces are properly vacuumed, wiped several times to remove as much dust as possible. Once all the high areas were cleaned, the dusting & wiping, the window cleaning, the team were ready to vacuum the floors properly and detail mopped them.

As we are experienced in working with different commercial builders throughout Perth, we are skilled in efficiently cleaning such fit outs. Furthermore, our range of commercial equipment plays an important role in minimising the labour hours and the grunt work required by our team of cleaners. Having the best equipment makes a big difference with the end result of a commercial cleaning service. In our experience, it is not possible to get the same results by manual labour.

Upon completion of the commercial cleaning service, the builder who was in charge of the fit out came and had a look at the cleaning we carried out and was very happy with the result. We have been working with this particular client for our an year now and continue to work with them. The client carries out a lot of fit outs in all major shopping malls throughout Perth which provides us with the opportunity to work in different environments which is challenging and exciting.

Wiping & Dusting High Areas

The only challenge of this job was that some tradies were not done with their work and we had to wait for them to be done with their work before we were able to finish off our cleaning.

Detailed Cleaned Floor

For all your commercial cleaning requirements in the Osborne Park area, feel free to drop us an enquiry. We would love to help you out with all the commercial cleaning needs.


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