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Office Carpet Cleaning in Canning Vale, WA

The client reached out to us on the 29th of January requiring an urgent cleaning of the office they were vacating. Luckily enough, we had a booking from the very next day rescheduled for the following week which provided a free spot for the cleaning of this office for our client. The client was very happy that she was able to find a professional cleaning company on such short notice and we were delighted that we were to able to be of help.

What was supposed to be a carpet steam cleaning ended up being a full vacate cleaning of the office, which we were ready and geared up for. The office required a wipe down of all surfaces, interior window cleaning & carpet steam cleaning. The office was smaller in size compared to the offices we usually clean and made the job a lot easier for us as it did not have any wet areas except for the kitchenette in the office which was a quick wipe down.

Furthermore, the carpet was a darker colour and there were not many stains on the carpet which made the job a lot easier for us. The only stains which the carpet had were the coffee stains which was a breeze to remove with the Coffee Break chemical which we use.



Firstly, we vacuumed the carpets which removed most of the dust and dirt on the carpets and spot cleaned the carpet stains using the spot cleaning chemical and agitated the chemical into the carpet which helped to remove the stains. Once the spots were removed, we pre-sprayed the chemical with a fragrant and strong pre-spraying chemical which helps to remove all the foot traffic on the carpets. As the pre-spraying was completed, we got our strong portable carpet steam extraction machine to do the job that is was designed to do and got the carpet looking clean.


At the end of the job, the client was very happy with the cleaning. Feel free to contact us for all your carpet steam cleaning requirements in Perth, as we are able to help you with any size of carpets, whether it is commercial or residential


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