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Office Cleaning in Belmont, WA

Having a clean office for all your staff makes a huge difference. We work with over 100s of office from Joondalup down to Rockingham which makes us very experienced in providing a custom tailed office cleaning service according to your budget and requirements.

Today we highlight the cleaning we carry out at a Belmont Office that has been a client of us for over two years now. We have built up a long term relationship where we carry out all their cleaning from regular office cleaning, carpet steam cleaning, window cleaning, etc.

Office Cleaning at Belmont

The company recently moved out to a new bigger office in Belmont and we carried out the vacate cleaning of their older office premises and still continue to carry out the cleaning at their new office.

We carry out the cleaning at this particular office once a week. The cleaning is carried out Wednesdays after-hours which helps the client to keep the office clean and tidy throughout the week.

The main office cleaning tasks that we carry out at the office include dusting all surfaces, cobweb removal, wiping down all surfaces, cleaning the toilets & kitchen, vacuuming all floors and mopping down wet floor areas. These tasks are common at most offices we carry out but there maybe additional tasks which are requested by our clients which we attend to on a need basis. They do have a warehouse area, however we do not carry out any cleaning at the warehouse area other than the toilets which are located at the warehouse which we take care of.

The main reason this client had chosen us for their office cleaning service is that we offer an affordable office cleaning service where we concentrate on the quality of the cleaning service while being flexible with their office cleaning requirements. We have always provided quick solutions to their office cleaning needs whenever they required and this has been a huge plus point.

We believe we will continue to have a very long lasting relationship with this client as we focus on providing a quality cleaning service that every company deserves.

If you do require a Free Quote for your Office cleaning requirements, please drop us an enquiry and we will be happy to help.


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