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Office Cleaning in Osborne Park

We currently work with many offices in Osborne Park and one of our client was moving into a bigger office down the road in Osborne Park and requested that we carry out a detailed vacate cleaning of their older office as their landlord was quite strict and checked everything from top to bottom.

This client has been with us for over two years to date and we have built up a great trust that they always emailed us whenever they needed any extra cleaning task carried out. We have always been quality conscious and made sure that we took great care of them and this has been the main reason that our business relationship has worked out so well and continue to grow everyday.

Cleaning Office Ceiling Vents in Osborne Park-

With the vacate cleaning we carried out at the office, we did every task top to bottom from dusting all surfaces, cleaning the balcony, window & glass cleaning, wiping down all surfaces with disinfectant, vacuuming floors and also carpet steam cleaning. The office had a lot of cupboards which meant that it took a lot of time cleaning these cupboards as there were many stubborn marks inside the cupboards.

There also were a lot of glass partitions throughout the office which meant it took a considerable time cleaning all of them as they had to be streak-free which we were able to achieve.

There were not many stains in the carpets, which meant that it did not take a lot of time to do the carpet steam cleaning. There were few coffee stains which is common in offices and they were spot cleaned and the steam extraction machine did the rest of the job cleaning out all the dirt from the carpets.

The best compliment we received at the end of the job was that the landlord asked for our business card and mentioned that he will be in touch if other offices in the building were to vacate. And given that he was very strict, it meant that we had done a satisfactory office cleaning that met his standards.

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