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Professional Window Cleaning In Scarborough

It was an exciting morning today when we went into carry out a window cleaning service in Scarborough. We had a team of 4 cleaners ready to get the windows cleaned in Scarborough in less than 4 hours. We have found from past experience that clients value that we get the job done as soon as possible and get out of their way, which is understandable as no one wants to stay at home waiting for cleaners to be done with their cleaning. This is the reason we usually try to go in with a team to make sure that we get the window cleaning done as soon as possible.

I had gone in a few weeks ago to have a look at the window cleaning in Scarborough to provide a quote. It was quite a large house in Scarborough as there were a lot of windows which were high up as well as throughout the house. The client in Scarborough required the pool fence cleaned as well, which meant that it would take a lot of extra time to get that done as well.

When I went in, I had thought that the client required both interior and exterior of the windows cleaned but I had misunderstood and I only realised that the client only required the exterior windows cleaned once we went in for the cleaning today in the morning. By that time, I had brought in the 4 cleaners which meant that we had to strategise to make sure that all cleaners were occupied with the window cleaning.

We got two cleaners to do the high windows with our water-fed window cleaning system and got the the other two cleaners to clean the windows in the pool and the balcony area. As we use a water-fed window cleaning system for this job, it means when the windows get washed, the water drips down the wall and to windows below. This meant that the other cleaners were unable to clean the windows located below the top windows until we had finished off the windows on top. This meant that we had to strategise to make sure that the window cleaning was efficient and also kept all the window cleaners occupied.


Windows Cleaning Using Water -fed System

Our strategies were fruitful as we were able to keep all window cleaners occupied and working hard cleaning the windows. We were able to distribute the work efficiently and equally amongst the cleaners which made the job well worth it even if it meant that we only did the exterior window cleaning.

The water-fed window cleaning system is a great equipment that every window cleaning company should equip themselves with. It saves a ton of time and also provides a better final result which the squeegee cannot, in my opinion. The best part about the water-fed window cleaning system is that it washes the windows and as the water drips down, it cleans the frames and the sills which makes the job very efficient. This means that we would not need to spend more time cleaning the frames or the sills.

The main challenges of this job was the height of the windows and the pool fence cleaning. The front windows were quite high but with the water-fed window cleaning system, it made the job a lot easier than we anticipated. There were a lot of cobwebs on the corners of the windows but with the pressure of the water-fed window cleaning system, we were able to get them off easily.

We were fortunate that it was not a very hot day as it makes it quite difficult to clean the pool fence when the sun shines directly at the fence. Usually when the sunshines bright, it means that the detergent we apply on the glass fence before cleaning dries up very quickly, which means that it may leave detergent marks on the pool fence unless cleaned very quickly.

Very clean Pool Fence

With the help of our water-fed system, the pool fence cleaning was a breeze as well. We used our window/glass scrubbers to apply the detergent on the pool fence and scrub off any marks such as bird poop, etc which are common on pool fence as birds love to stay on top of them.

Clean and shiny pool fence

The marks on the pool fence are usually very stubborn, which means that we have to spend extra time scrubbing them. Once the pool fence were properly scrubbed and full of detergent, we used out water-fed window cleaning system and used the pure water in the system to clean up all the glass fence and get them shining bright.We were quite satisfied when we were done with the window cleaning as all the windows and pool fence was shining and dirt free. The clients were very happy with the end result of our window cleaning, which made it all the more special for us. The client repeatedly mentioned how happy he was and said that they would be in touch soon for the next clean and requested my business card. We always try to do our best to keep our clients happy at the end of every job and as the clients thanked us several times once we were done with the cleaning, all the hard work was worth it.

If you require your windows cleaned in Scarborough, please give us a call or drop us an enquiry and we will be in touch to arrange a day that would suit for the window cleaning. With an experienced team of window cleaners and the latest & best equipment available, we know that we will do an amazing window cleaning service that you deserve.


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