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Office Cleaning Kewdale

The client reached out to us on the 29th of January requiring an urgent cleaning of the office they were vacating. Luckily enough, we had a booking from the very next day rescheduled for the following week which provided a free spot for the cleaning of this office for our client. The client was very happy that she was able to find a professional cleaning company on such short notice and we were delighted that we were to able to be of help.

What was supposed to be a carpet steam cleaning ended up being a full vacate cleaning of the office, which we were ready and geared up for. The office required a wipe down of all surfaces, interior window cleaning & carpet steam cleaning. The office was smaller in size compared to the offices we usually clean and made the job a lot easier for us as it did not have any wet areas except for the kitchenette in the office which was a quick wipe down.

Furthermore, the carpet was a darker colour and there were not many stains on the carpet which made the job a lot easier for us. The only stains which the carpet had were the coffee stains which was a breeze to remove with the Coffee Break chemical which we use.

Kewdale is an industrial & business area in which many companies base their headquarters in. It is a great location as it is very close to the Perth Airport and to all major freeways in Perth making the area very accessible.

We work with many companies in Kewdale and continue to increase our presence in the area as we are a preferred office cleaning company in Kewdale. Most companies we work with in Kewdale has a medium sized office with a large warehouse.

Clean Office In Kewdale

We recently started cleaning an office in Kewdale which was quite a new office. However, as the client was growing, they were carrying out the office cleaning by themselves and as they have been getting busier, they decided that it would be time to hire a professional office cleaning company.

We were called in to provide a quote for the office cleaning and from the conversation I had with the client, I understood that they were looking for an affordable office cleaning package which meant that I had to provide the best pricing for the office cleaning in order to win the contract. As we were communicating regarding the requirements of the client, I was taking pictures of the office to get an idea for pricing later when I got back to the office. It was around 150 square meters in office size with a fairly new warehouse adjoining the office.

Fast forward few days ahead, the client accepted our cleaning proposal for their Kewdale office and we got the cleaning started over that same weekend, as we always have teams available for cleaning throughout Kewdale. They were impressed with our fast turnaround time which makes a huge difference.

Clean Kitchen Floor In Kewdale

After we carried out the cleaning over the weekend, I followed up with our client to make sure that she was happy with everything and to the attention to detail given when we cleaned the office. We always try to leave a lasting impression when we carry out the cleaning and what I believe were the highlights of the cleaning were:

  • The kitchen sink was quite dirty and we were able to get that shining which makes a huge difference as every staff member uses the kitchen area and they notice the shine on them.
  • When we did the cleaning of the toilets, there were a lot of dirt on the air vents and we removed the air vent cover and washed them properly which brought a huge difference to the toilet.
  • We setup toilet bowl sanitisers and air fresheners in the toilet which keeps the area always clean and smelling great. Many companies fail to realise the importance of having a fragrant toilet area.
  • The office chair legs were quite dusty and we managed to clean them properly to leave them dust free.

What makes the biggest difference in our office cleaning service is that we take care of the little things that matter the most to our clients. Many times, we focus on the main cleaning tasks such as floors, toilets, desks and forget to take care of little things such as dusting cupboards, cleaning the walls, air freshening the office for the staff, etc.

If you are looking for an office cleaning company in Kewdale that provides a quality cleaning service, contact us. We are always ready to take up any office big or small and to provide a service that would keep you happy for years. If and when we fail to carry out a task, we are always ready to rectify the issue in less than 48hours as we want to make sure that you are always in a happy and clean environment.


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