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Nexus Kleen specialises in office cleaning of various different types of companies, big or small throughout the Perth Region. We manage over 260+ office and commercial contracts throughout Perth and continue to grow every single week. Our main priority is to provide quality office cleaning services at affordable rates. We refuse to be beaten in the quality of the office cleaning service provided and assure that we are able to cater our office cleaning services according to every different client’s requirement.

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As the leading office cleaners in Perth, we have a highly experienced team of thoroughly trained Perth office cleaners. All our cleaners have a great understanding of  Occupation Health and Safety requirements. We can therefore assure you that you are making the right choice using our commercial cleaning services for your office. Whether it be a one-off or regular weekly office cleaning, rest assured that you are in great hands.

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If you are still in doubt, check out the testimonials from the many customers we have helped. Furthermore, to cement the deal, we offer a Free Office Cleaning Trial to show the high-quality office cleaning we carry out. You have nothing to lose, but a cleaner workplace to gain.

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  • $100 Sign Up Discount *minimum hours per week apply
  • $20mil Public Liability Insured
  • Thoroughly Vetted & Police Cleared Cleaners
  • Client Specific Availability
  • Private Feedback Page – nexuskleen.com.au/feedback
  • Complimentary Initial Spring Cleaning
  • Periodic Inspection
  • Discounted Hourly Rates On Daily Cleaning Service

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Cleaning Office Ceiling Vents

With the vacate cleaning we carried out at the office, we did every task top to bottom from dusting all surfaces, cleaning the balcony, window & glass cleaning, wiping down all surfaces with disinfectant, vacuuming floors and also carpet steam cleaning. The office had a lot of cupboards which meant that it took a lot of time cleaning these cupboards as there were many stubborn marks inside the cabinets.

There also were a lot of glass partitions throughout the office, which meant it took a considerable time cleaning all of them as they had to be streak-free which we were able to achieve.

There were not many stains in the carpets, which meant that it did not take a lot of time to do the carpet steam cleaning. There were few coffee stains which is common in offices, and they were spot cleaned, and the steam extraction machine did the rest of the job cleaning out all the dirt from the carpets.

The best compliment we received at the end of the job was that the landlord asked for our business card and mentioned that he would be in touch if other offices in the building were to vacate. And given that he was very strict, it meant that we had done a satisfactory office cleaning that met his standards.

To be able to provide consistent and quality office cleaning services require a lot of experience. Through experience working in different industries, Nexus Kleen understands to provide a tailor-made office cleaning service proposal for every company.

The requirements of every individual company or manager are quite different and we believe in talking to our clients, assessing their requirements and providing the required office cleaning solutions. Providing quality service is a learning, continual process and it requires a proper quality management system, which helps to keep the office cleaning as consistent as possible.

A company will never be successful without a great set of team members. Nexus Kleen management believes in hiring the best office cleaners in the region who are dedicated to the job and committed to their work. If you do not love what you do, you will never do it right.

It is important that all our team members can follow guidelines required by the clients and provide a satisfactory office cleaning service day in, day out. All our team members are police cleared and are experienced in the work they do, which helps to provide a trusted service to all our clients.

We, at Nexus Kleen, try to provide all our office cleaning clients the reassurance that they can trust in us. Having a business liability insurance has to be a basic requirement for every office cleaning company. We are also always trying to provide our clients with innovative solutions such as GPS based Time Card and 24/7 Security Camera Access to our clients.

A GPS based Time Card helps our clients to know that the cleaners are working the properly allocated hours on the allocated days. As the GPS based Time Card is an application installed in the cleaner’s smartphone, the Time Card gets activated when the office cleaner gets into the office premises and is clocked out once the cleaner leaves the building. Furthermore, the office manager or the owner of the business can access the 24/7 Cameras that can be connected to their smartphones. This helps to keep the office premises safe throughout the day, and if and when any problem may arise, the cameras would help to resolve any issues, as it can be set up in a manner where it records on a daily basis.

There are not many ways for an office cleaning company to show the quality of their work but by either through word of mouth or by carrying out the cleaning tasks. For us, it is important that the clients commit with us only after having a look at the quality of the service we provide. For this reason, the management of Nexus Kleen has decided to provide all our potential regular office cleaning clients with a “Free Trial” to show the quality of the work, and for the client to then decide on us as a suitable cleaning service. In our experience, it has been a great way for us to develop the trust of our clients, as they know for a fact, that we believe in providing quality service and when a company provides a complimentary trial, it always provides a positive start. Many companies fail to realize the importance of building the long term trust and goodwill and rely heavily on the short term gains which lead to the failure of the company.

The cleaning budget of every client or company varies depending on the size of the company, income, profitability, etc. We understand the importance of providing different budgets for different requirements and have created four different packages which are named Basic, Standard, Plus and Premium respectively. Each different package has different benefits and the prices vary accordingly. For a large company, the Premium package would be ideal as it provides an all-inclusive package where we carry out complimentary window cleaning and carpet cleaning. This assures that the client does not have to worry about hiring various different companies for their different cleaning requirements. For a smaller company that looks to get the daily cleaning done, the Basic package is ideal.

Whether it be office cleaning, window cleaning, pressure cleaning or any other cleaning requirement, we pride ourselves in providing the total cleaning solution for our clients. There are some cleaning tasks that we cannot carry out, but as we grow, we are expanding into all areas to assure our customers that we are the trusted cleaning partners of every office cleaning client.

For us, the most important aspect is to be there for our clients when they need us the most. And with that, we provide client-specific availability and assure that they are satisfied. Most of the office cleaning services are carried out after-hours, which assures that the cleaning does not disrupt the workflow of the office.

We also try to make sure that the service we provide is dependable. We assure you that if our cleaners fail to carry out the tasks laid out in the contract, we will compensate our clients for the shortfall.

If you have any other questions, please reach out to us on email or through online chat as we would love to hear from you.