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Affordable Window Cleaning Perth

Window cleaning is one of the cleaning services that we enjoy the most. We have pretty much covered every suburb in the Perth region. We have carried out close to 1000 window cleaning services in the Perth region which makes us quite an experienced bunch of window cleaners in Perth. Our team of experienced window cleaners in Perth have been working with us for few years now and they are very good at what they do, which is the reason we get repeat customers every year and have a huge clientele that regularly calls us whenever they require the windows cleaned in Perth region.

We went in for a window cleaning on a bright Saturday morning which was the ideal weather for the cleaning. Our client’s sales office which was located in Perth required a window clean and they needed it done urgently which we were ready to help with.

When we went in, we understood that the window needed cleaning desperately as there was a huge dust build up on the windows. As it is a sales office, we understood that they needed to provide a great first impression to their customers and we got ourselves geared up to get the windows cleaned.

Clean Windows At The House

With the height of the windows, we understood that the best approach to clean these windows would be to use our water-fed window cleaning system which is very effective up to 3 stories of windows or higher. As we equip ourselves with the latest equipment available, we were able to get the job done in less than 2 hours, which would usually have taken double the time.

The water-fed window cleaning system has been a blessing which has made our lives a lot easier. As we carry out so many window cleaning jobs every year in Perth, we come across windows that are very hard to access, but the water-fed window cleaning system has always made the job easier. Most times, we find that the window cleaning system does a much better job that manually cleaning.

The sales office was unoccupied at the time of the cleaning and we were asked to carry out an external window cleaning as their internal windows were not that dirty. As the sales office was located near a main road, the dust build up was quite bad. This means that it would be ideal to carry out the exterior window cleaning on a quarterly basis to keep them nice and tidy throughout the year. The major reasons why their was such a dust buildup was that there were many vehicles travelling on the road and at the same time there were a lot of construction happening in the area which does not help with the dust.

Clean Windows In Perth

We got our window cleaning gear hooked up to get the job done and dusted in no time. We found that the fly screens and the tracks were quite dirty which meant that they needed to be properly cleaned & washed as well to make sure that they looked nice and clean for the clients. This window cleaning was very easy compared to the many jobs we do in Perth, mainly as it was only an exterior window cleaning and as there were not many windows to be cleaned compared to the bigger jobs we carry out in Perth.

Clean Windows

As we always strive to do an amazing cleaning service, the client was very satisfied upon the completion of the window cleaning. The client requested that we setup a regular window cleaning on a quarterly basis to make sure that the sales office is kept nice and tidy. This is always a positive sign as we try to build a long term relationship with our clients by providing the best service possible.

The first impression of a building or house is from how clean the windows are. If you do require any window cleaning service in Perth, feel free to drop us an enquiry or give us a call and we will be happy to help with all your window cleaning requirements in Perth.


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