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Clean windows make the biggest difference to a house or building. Without clean windows, a building looks dull and dirty and it is important for the windows to be sparkling throughout the year. Our recommendation is to get the windows cleaned at least twice a year to assure that it is kept sparkling and dirt free throughout the year.

We were called in for a window cleaning service which was needed to be done urgently as the couple was putting the house on market to sell. One of the first recommendation from any real estate agent is to get the windows cleaned as it helps to increase the value of the house. The first impression of every house matters the most and a set of clean windows make all the difference.

We receive a big share of enquiries every year from local clients who are looking to sell their houses. “We should have got the windows cleaned when we were living in the house, they look so clean” is the first reaction of every client after we have done the window cleaning. The windows usually get neglected for years by most clients but it is important to keep them clean throughout the year. It is very difficult & time consuming to get window tracks or fly-screens back to how they were if they have been neglected for years as dirt & dust gets stuck in them.

We had a team of 4 cleaners working at the job. We got the job organised properly by putting in two window cleaners inside the house to do the interior windows and the other two window cleaners to carry out the exterior window cleaning starting from the top floor. We used our water-fed window cleaning system to get the job done of the higher windows as they were mostly accessible. There were few windows where we had to climb on top of the roof to clean as they were not accessible with the water-fed window cleaning system. Overall, we did a quick and efficient cleaning job as all the window cleaners worked efficiently to get the job done. The tracks and the fly-screens were quite dirty which meant that we had to spend extra time cleaning them but they came out very clean at the end of the job considering how dirty they were.


At the end of the job, the client had a look around and was very satisfied with the window cleaning we carried out. She mentioned that the windows looked very clean since it had not been cleaned for years. There were some stains on the windows which had been there from the time when the house were built such as paint marks and cement marks which had not been cleaned by the post builders clean. We managed to clean them as well.

If you do require a local window cleaning team that provides an efficient cleaning service and considers customer service their number one priority, give us a call or drop us an enquiry regarding any window cleaning requirements in the Perth region. We have a team of window cleaners with the latest equipment ready to help.


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