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Why Hire an Office Cleaning Company?

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Focus on your business, when the office cleaning company takes care of the cleaning


The main reason why companies hire an Office Cleaning company for their cleaning requirements is that they can focus on their business and let the office cleaning company take care of the office cleaning service. If you hire a cleaner, you would have to allocate a manager or supervisor to look after the office cleaning tasks carried out by the cleaner to assure that they are kept to a high standard. This means that the time of the manager or supervisor will need to be allocated to the cleaner.

However, when an office cleaning company is hired, they are responsible to oversee all aspects of the office cleaning and to assure that it is kept to a high standard which makes it worthwhile for the company. If there are any issues with the office cleaning, the office cleaning company will assure that it is fixed as soon as possible to ensure that you are happy with the office cleaning. At the end of the day, the most important aspect of a successful office cleaning company is to provide a consistent office cleaning service and to assure that any problems are taken care of without causing any disruptions.

Professional Office Cleaning Companies can provide additional cleaning services

 A professional Office Cleaning Company will have all the equipment and experienced cleaners necessary to carry out additional cleaning services such as window cleaning, carpet steam cleaning, tile & grout cleaning, pressure cleaning, etc which will be required on a regular basis. This will be a great advantage & cost saving as an office cleaning company will provide discounts for regular clients for additional services.

However, if a cleaner is hired for the office cleaning task, the cleaner will need to be either trained to do the extra cleaning tasks or another company will need to be hired to carry out cleaning tasks such as window cleaning, carpet cleaning, etc which will end up costing more. Even if the cleaner is trained to carry out the additional cleaning tasks, the cleaner will have to be provided with the equipment to carry out the cleaning tasks and you will also need to hire or purchase the cleaning equipment outright for the cleaning tasks. This will be an inefficient purchase as the tasks will not be carried out on an everyday basis and will only be required either quarterly, biannually or yearly.

The life of the Office Cleaning contract depends on how well the Office Cleaning company performs

When you contract an office cleaning company to carry out the regular office cleaning tasks, the contract depends on how well and consistently they perform their tasks. This means that they will continuously try to improve their service to assure that the contract lasts for years. We continuously look at ways to improve and make the office cleaning service more efficient for the companies we work with. It is important not to settle but to continuously look at ways and means to improve the service as this will help to make a huge difference. At the end of the day, the main goal of the office cleaning company should be to have a long lasting relationship with the client.

Fast turnaround time and availability of cleaners after-hours

 From the time the client gives the go ahead for the office cleaning service, a professional office cleaning company should be able to provide cleaners in 48hours which makes it convenient for the client. Office cleaning company has cleaners specifically available for cleaning after-hours which makes it less of a disruption than carrying out the office cleaning during business hours.

If you were to hire a cleaner, this would require a thorough vetting process of interviewing various different potential cleaners, checking their experience, etc before allocating the job to the cleaner and also they would need training to assure that the tasks are carried out properly. With our experienced team of office cleaners, we will be able to provide office cleaners to all areas of Perth as soon as required, which will help to ease the process of hiring us for the office cleaning service.

Professional Office Cleaning companies invest in the latest equipment making the cleaning efficient

 We continuously invest in the latest equipment to help make the office cleaning as efficient as possible for the cleaners as well as the client. At the end of the day, every client looks at cost savings which we try to deliver as we have the latest equipment for the office cleaning. We have machine floor scrubbers, water fed window cleaning systems, carpet steam cleaners, tile & grout cleaning machines, etc which makes the cleaning process as easy as it gets to the cleaners. These machines also assure that the cleaning service is provided at the highest quality as the machines do all the grunt work which would alternatively take hours if they were to be done manually by the cleaners.

However, if hiring a cleaner, you would have to invest in all these equipment which is not efficient. Some of these equipment will not be used on a regular basis, so the return on the investment will be minimal. As we work with various different companies throughout Perth, we are continuously using our equipment and servicing them regularly.

In conclusion, the advantages of hiring an office cleaning company is greater than having your own cleaner carry out the regular cleaning tasks. However, it is important to note that the cleaning service provided by each office cleaning company differs, so it is important to work with an office cleaning company that understands the importance of building the long term relationship. We continuously look at ways to build the trust and provide consistent service that our clients deserve. Many companies are short sighted and consider profits their only goal which makes them take decisions which are not favourable to the clients.

We do understand that building trust takes time and offer free trials for our clients to experience our office cleaning service before committing to a long term business relationship.

Feel free to drop an enquiry on our website for all your office cleaning requirements.


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