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Tile & Grout Cleaning Perth

It is important to get your tiles and grout cleaned regularly to maintain them dirt free. At the end of the day, vacuuming and mopping does not do a proper cleaning of the tile floors and it is important to get them professional cleaned to get them restored to the former glory when you first saw them. When you neglect the tiles and grout, the dirt gathers onto the grout and makes it quite difficult to clean them up as they get into the grout. If they have not been maintained for years, it may lead to having to remove the grout and re-grouting which is much costlier than regularly maintaining them by getting them cleaned professionally.

Luckily for us, we have the best equipment and the chemicals to get the job done. We have a Tile & Grout cleaning machine which does an amazing job and has been consistent with cleaning various different jobs.

We did a Tile and grout cleaning recently in Perth which made the client really happy. She was thrilled to see the dark black grout turned white at the end of the job.

The pictures below show the tile and grout BEFORE we cleaned the floors. The grout was quite black in colour but we were able to get them looking white and clean at the end of the job.


In order to clean them properly, we did have to use a very strong detergent which helped to break down the dirt in the grout and the machine did the rest of the cleaning which did a fantastic job.

The videos below show how well the tile and grout were cleaned at the end of the job. There were a lot of dirt in the tiles and grout but with the strong 1000+ PSI machine, we were able to clean them up really well. The best thing about the machine is that it breaks down all the dirt and at the same time vacuums all the water it sprays on to the floor which makes it a lot easier for us than having to manually remove the water.

If your tile and grout is in an urgent need of a cleaning, contact us to get them looking like new again. With our experience and the machinery we have, we will definitely be able to provide an amazing cleaning service.


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