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Sofa Cleaning Perth

When you consider the stats, people on average stay seated for over 9 hours per day which is a very large portion of the day. While seated, most of us eat, drink, etc on the sofa. The sofa accumulates dirt, sweat, food, etc as we are seated for hours which means that it is important that the sofas are cleaned regularly and properly.

The best approach to do a sofa cleaning is to do a steam extraction of the sofa to remove all dirt, sweat, food, etc. The steam extraction is perfect as the steam is strong enough to break down the dirt and the vacuum extraction helps to remove the dirt efficiently. This combination helps to provide an amazing sofa cleaning service.

We carried out this sofa cleaning service in Perth which provided amazing results. We started off the cleaning service by identifying the stains which were on the sofa and by spot cleaning them using the proper chemicals according to the stains. The sofa did not have a lot of visible stains due to the colour of the sofa but when we emptied the waste water tank, the water was very dark in colour which meant that it had a lot of dirt which we were able to extract from the steam extraction. Once the spot cleaning was carried out, we pre-sprayed the sofa with an upholstery cleaning pre-spray chemical which starts to work into the sofa and helps to break down the dirt which maximises the steam extraction. When we did the steam extraction, we filled the clean water tank with a recommended fibre soft rinse chemical which helps to provide a very floral fragrance.

From the videos, the change in colour could be seen as we steam extract the sofa seats. This shows the steam extract working its magic with the combination of the chemicals that we used to provide an amazing end result which the client was very happy about. There were a lot of dirt and food particles accumulated in the corners of the sofa which we were able to extract with our steam extraction machine.

For any sofa cleaning requirements in the Perth region, hit us up with an enquiry or give us a call and we will be able to assist you with all your sofa cleaning needs. With our knowledge and experience in sofa cleaning, we will definitely be able to provide an amazing end-result that your sofas require.


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